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Another Bigfoot Sighting: This One in Colorado

Monday, March 19th, 2012

A man and his three children encountered a bigfoot while walking in the woods near Crater Lake in Colorado when…

In about late June 2008 I was hiking the Crater Lake trail outside of Durango Colorado with 3 of my children. They had run a little ways ahead of me and I was just admiring the view when off in the tree line about halfway up the trail I noticed a large hairy figure approx. 7 to 9 feet tall walking just behind the tree line at about 50 to 100 yards. It was walking upright and took long strides. I only saw it for a minute maybe and didn’t say anything to the kids so as not to alarm them. I never really told too many people about this but after watching a bigfoot special on TV about a year later I realized I wasn’t the only one to ever see something like that in this area.

Another Great Bigfoot Sighting — This One in Michigan

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

In the summer of 2010, a hunter near Shingleton, Michigan, had an encounter with a Bigfoot. Here’s an excerpt of his report to the BFRO:

I have hunted bear, bobcat coon with my hounds, i am a trapper and outdoorsman. My church is the timber. I had a legally owned pet bear. I truly understand ol ursus americanus [bear]. This wasn’t ursus.

“My son in law and I were running our hounds on coon that night. There is a lot of country past green lake up into the hicki marsh and eventually the seney….The dogs treed deep. i went to a high spot to vantage my hearing on them. My radio tracker could barely read them. Its range in wooded areas is about 7 miles. i kept swinging it around slowly trying to gain a good reading. i could smell something foul. While swinging my coonlight in the direction of the antenna i noticed in the spruce a set of eyes next to the deer run on this ridge. Coonhunting you see a lot of different eye shine. i shrugged and swung the tracker when i swung back into the trail toward the truck the trail was filled with an  animal twenty feet in front of me. It was around 8 feet tall, long arms with fingers, barrel chested and pot bellied. The eyes were close and deep set but aggressive in its gaze, the mouth was agape. My goodness, the ears were small. We just looked at each other frozen. it grabbed a very large spruce, wrapping its hand around it. its hair was black to brown not long, not short, the nose flat, with a face not covered in hair like its body. i really don’t remember how it left. To this day i haven’t run the hounds up there. It was the only time i left my hounds in the woods. in the morning after sleeping a bit i rode up (nervous as hell) to try and find the hounds by myself as my son in law went to work.”

Weird Wednesday: Another Great Bigfoot Sighting — This One in Michigan

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

In a place called Brooklyn, Michigan, a couple of folks spotted a Bigfoot.

Suddenly, while driving west on M-50 near the Jackson County border, a large bipedal, reddish-brown/auburn (brother-in-law’s description) colored creature crossed the highway from passenger-to-driver side in front of us. The event happened so fast that for a few awkward seconds I was totally absorbed in stunned silence.

Weird Wednesday: Bigfoot in Utah

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Outside of Logan, Utah, a man plowing snow saw something very strange:

It was early in the morning, 12:30 to 1:00 a.m. It was Jan of 2005 and I was in my truck plowing snow on US 89 through Logan Canyon. I was near the Franklin Basin Road and saw something in the road. I flipped on the plow lights (now these lights are landing lights). They are very bright and I saw something walk across the road. It was large, tall, and hairy it stood about 7 ft tall. It looked right at me and continued to walk across the road. I didn’t stop because of the snowy conditions. When I stopped back in the morning, all tracks were covered in new snow. What sealed the sighting for me was that morning on the radio I heard of someone reporting a sighting up Cub River in Idaho. The Franklin Basin Road connects Logan Canyon to Cub River in Idaho. My family thinks I’m nuts but I know what I saw. It was not man.

Weird Wednesday: A Bigfoot Encounter in North Carolina

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Check out this story from August 15 in Pender County, North Carolina (thanks to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization). Apparently, this area is the site of lots of sightings:

On Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, at approximately 5:10 am, I was traveling North towards Jacksonville, NC, at 50 miles per hour. The road was straight for 3 miles, it has forest on one side and swamp land on the other side. Approximately 5/10ths of a mile South of Harris Road on Highway 53 a bipedal creature bolted in front of my cab less than 50 feet ahead of the cab’s headlights. The creature was at a dead run and didn’t look towards the cab. The creature was a crimson rusty brown in color with matted hair, very muscular, 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall and approximately 400lbs. The arm facing the cab headlights hung knee length or longer, had human hands and black fingernails. The creature took about 4 strides to cross the highway. It seemed to have no neck just a head; sort of like a caveman. Another vehicle was behind me and traveling very fast, but slowed way down when the creature appeared on the road.

Weird Wednesday: A Military Man Sees a Bigfoot in Arizona

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Here’s a fascinating Bigfoot sighting by a former military man, with a hat tip to BFRO.

“I was on the Thumb Butte Loop in Prescott next to the city park. While driving I spotted a reddish-brown ape-like creature. I stopped the car immediately and observed the creature. The hair on his arms was longer than the rest. It appeared to have little or no neck. It appeared to be very muscular and covered ground quickly. It was hard to judge the height of the creature because of the distance and shock, but I knew it was tall. It walked in the tree line and there was a gap in the trees about 75 meters long. I watched this creature walk through the opening. I remember his arms swinging and he only looked forward. I estimated (through military experience) that it was 100 meters from my position. I estimate that I saw him for at least 10 seconds, although it seemed longer. What I remember most is my mind was wrestling with the thought that what I was seeing was not supposed to exist yet I was viewing it. It was a most unsettling experience. What I tell you is the truth. I have never told anyone out of fear of ridicule and having my sanity questioned.”

Weird Wednesday: Bigfoot Sighting in Illinois

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Check out this Bigfoot sighting near Otterville, Illinois (May 2008):

It was right around the time of my birthday. I was on vacation visiting with my cousin at his girlfriend’s house. We had ran into Jerseyville for cigarettes and were on our way back to her house off of Otterville Blacktop. I was driving about 55 mph around the S-curves just before Shiloh Hollow Road when I caught something running across the field, heading for the road, in the headlights. At first I thought it was a man in a trench coat. It ran up the embankment and onto the road in front of the car. I barely missed it. I realized that it wasn’t a man in a trench coat. It was covered in hair and his face look flattened with a wide nose, large nostrils, and huge eyes. I continued to watch this thing run up a 20-foot embankment on the other side of the road without ever losing its pace. In shock I turned to look at my cousin, his eyes were as big as mine and we found ourselves asking, “What the hell was that”? He agreed it wasn’t human.

Another Amazing Bigfoot Sighting, in New Mexico

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

I bring you another fascinating Bigfoot sighting, this one from the state of New Mexico:

I was traveling home from work in Gallup to Bluewater, South Side. The time was about 8 p.m. As I was traveling on hiway 612. Right when I was exiting the sharp curves, I noticed a figure moving by the road on the right side. I thought it was a very tall person at first but when I looked I noticed that it wasn’t human. As I got closer it started to cross the road and almost hit my truck. It stopped and I did not want to stop because the road was ice packed and I didn’t want to get stuck or run off the road. I seen the creature a few feet thru my truck’s passenger front window. The creature’s face looked ape[-like] and humanistic. He was probably 7 feet tall because when he got real close to the vehicle I couldn’t see his face. He stood way over the truck. I was overwhelmed with fear at this point and just kept going home.

Weird Wednesday: Bigfoot Sighted in Ohio

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

On Sept. 22, 2007, a woman was driving to her home one evening near Saybrook, Ohio, when she had the following experience:

I was coming home with my oldest son from grocery shopping. As we were approaching our house, something crossed the roadway about 30 feet in front of us. It had dark fur. I would say it only took 3 steps to cross the 2-lane road, it walked on 2 legs and had considerably long arms. I was set back for a moment. We do have bears but this distinctly was walking on 2 long legs, definitely taller than my SUV. This was seen at dusk. Our road is about 2 miles long, fairly secluded, farms, heavily wooded areas, various ponds/streams. [The creature] entered into the wooded area that runs between me and my neighbors. As I pulled into my driveway about 200 feet back from road, we got out of the car  and there was an awful dead-animal smell, like rotted skunk, and we heard breaking twigs. We got spooked and went into the house. I went outside an hour later to get the last grocery bag I forgot. The smell was completely gone. I never told anybody except my husband. I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and this was an experience I will not forget.

Weird Wednesday: A Bigfoot Sighting in Illinois

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Near the town of Canton, Illinois on October 17, 2010, a Bigfoot was sighted. Here is an excerpt from a report to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO):

After a late concert at the square in Canton, Illinois, my friend was bicycling home and turned right into the parking lot, that leads past a shed, fence, and dumpster. Hearing a shuffling [and banging] noise near the dumpster, she slowed her bike and began looking. Behind the shed was more than a noise. A shadowy sasquatch shape. Its puffy balloon feet (as she described it), held up a stocky, not-so-tall frame (6 ft.). Startled, it turned and walked into the bushes, moving branches to get into the woods. This was a thinly wooded area, and on the other side, a corn field. She freaked out and sped right home and told me.

The most interesting part of this sighting is that it fits with several other similar reports. The investigator wrote: “The area does have a population so I reviewed a satellite map. There is a large wooded area adjoining the area of the sighting location. We have several reports from this county in our database.”