It’s Cold Out, Yet Bike Commuting is Growing

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I love riding my bike, but I’m a recreational biker, not a bike commuter. Bike commuters have an ability to bike in any kind of weather, they have the right clothes for the job, they have a place to park once they get to work and they have something else I don’t have — fenders. If you decide to start bike commuting, you will not be alone. The numbers are going up and up. In New York City alone, the City Department of Transportation announced that commuter cycling rose 35 percent between 2007 and 2008! So, are you a bike commuter or do you know anyone who is taking up biking to save on commuting and to live more green?

7 Responses to “It’s Cold Out, Yet Bike Commuting is Growing”

  1. Suldog Says:

    My co-worker is crazy. He bikes all the time – in rain, in snow, in wind, in sleet…

  2. Rhea Says:

    I admire someone like that.

  3. Linda (SE PA) Says:

    We looked into electrical bikes this year when gas prices soared.

    Financially, we couldn’t work out that plan at the time and a regular bike isn’t feasible for some of the area travelled through. As I write this, I think mmm… the city folk will certainly raise their eyebrows at that. Some of the roads in the areas we travel are old cowpaths converted into roads. On some main roads, pedestrians are not allowed to cross over from one side to another. The picture I hope becomes a bit clearer. There are clearly indicated bike scenic routes available which are not in our area of travel.

    Living in the ‘burbs here, we have a lot of farmland that was developed for cluster housing. They sit off the road – no sidewalks – two lane roads with few traffic signals. Traffic lights and stop signs are becoming more commonplace as more people moved in – however, in some sections, bike riding might be a tad bit challenging.

    We also had the concern of weather. We tossed around storing the bike come winter etc. In the end. We came to a decision of only using the car for work, grocery shopping and cutback on our get-togethers with friends. All errands were done with the grocery shopping. Ironically, now that gas has gone down, the extra pennies have been applied to other recent increases in expenses. (sigh)

  4. Nessa Says:

    I think about biking to work, which isn’t far, but I’m pretty lazy.

  5. rosie Says:

    I suppose it depends on where you live. I love biking but can only do it super early in the morning before the cars wake up. Drivers are just too distracted to distracted on roads without a bike path.
    So, when spring comes I will toss the bike in the truck and pretend I am on vacation in the park.
    Meanwhile the bike at the gym will have to do but not any fun.
    Keep up the great work your site is a wealth of information and so well written.

  6. Rhea Says:

    Rosie, glad you’re enjoying this blog. In terms of city biking, I know the drivers in Boston are not paying attention to bikers. We hear of accidents and even deaths too frequently.

  7. Cathy Says:

    I let my bike rust outside many years ago. I loved biking as a child, but wouldn’t think of using it to run errands. For recreation, maybe. There are a few people who will bike as a way of saving energy, but it is not going to solve our problems.

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