Find Out Who’s Turning 50, 60 in August 2009

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Among the celebrities and other public figures turning 50 in August 2009 are:

Jonathan Franzen, author, The Corrections
Apollonia, singer
Magic Johnson, basketball star
Rosanna Arquette, actor
Marcia Gay Harden, actor
Jeanette Winterson, novelist
Rebecca De Mornay, actor
Danny Bonaduce, actor, The Partridge Family

And turning 60 are:
Richard Gere, actor
Gene Simmons, musician
Rick Springfield, musician
Shelley Long, actor
Martin Amis
, novelist
Keith Carradine, actor

2 Responses to “Find Out Who’s Turning 50, 60 in August 2009”

  1. Linda - SE PA Says:

    Isn’t it odd how some people seem older – i.e. Richard Gere. I mention this because when Ray Charles passed away, we had thought wow, we thought he was older. Has nothing to do with looks – “more like longevity in the public arena”.

    Who did mark the passing of time was Danny Bonaduce – I remember him as the little fresh kid of the Partridge Family. I have seen him on talk shows, plus his own male jamboree talk show etc. so this should not be as surprising as it is. Just that time often has some odd perceptions.

  2. Rhea Says:

    Because celebrities always use old photos or retouched photos so our ideas about how old they are are always distorted!

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