On the Road Again — New England

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Is there anything more beautiful than a rusty old gas pump on the side of a New England road?

Or a sweet farm animal’s face?

Near Arlington, Vermont:

5 Responses to “On the Road Again — New England”

  1. sandy Says:

    is world’s greatest puppy traveling too??

  2. Linda Says:

    I need to go spend some time traipsing around in Vermont – it looks to be a lovely place and I’ve yet to spend anytime there at all. Maybe in the Fall for the foliage??

  3. Rhea Says:

    Thanks for asking, Sandy. He’s at home.
    Linda: Do it! Fall is the best season here.

  4. Suldog Says:

    Gee, I love coming upon stuff like that on the roadside – old signs, gas pumps, abandoned buildings; I love imagining the times they date from and how they were probably used.

  5. Joy Says:

    Love these photos!

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