Me and Sarah Palin

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I work across the street from Boston Common, a big public park where large events and rallies often take place. Sarah Palin will be speaking there this morning, and I’m going. I’m no supporter, but I can’t miss out on the spectacle. The Tea Party Patriots will be out in force. Right now I can hear patriotic tunes blaring from the PA system.

I am amazed that so many people are drawn to a woman who often loses her way between the beginning of a thought and its conclusion. I still remember that interview with Katie Couric. It made me squirm. Call me crazy, but I like our leaders to be smarter — way smarter — than the average American. She doesn’t cut it.


Just back from the rally on Boston Common. My take: this is a huge class war. The working class/blue collar is pissed off and wants to take down the white collar establishment. The working class is angry, and for good reason, but I don’t agree with their philosophy at all.

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  1. alice Says:

    Sarah Palin is not a leader. She’s a motivator. The interview with Katie Couric was devised to make Sarah Palin look bad. It’s called ‘liberal slant’. Couric and CBS may think they’re fooling someone (as Dan Rather thought by denegrating George W. Bush and look where that got him?)

    Is Barney Frank smarter than most Americans? What about Martha Coakley? Was she smart? Coakley sounded like a real genius, right?

    The Tea Parties are made up of Democrats, Independents and some Republicans who are worried about higher taxes and the rising national debt. Is there something wrong with fiscal responsibility? Or can that genius, Obama, figure out that the US is taking in less money than is going out? Somebody should let him know that if he continues on his current economic plan, America will face bankruptcy and ruin, just like Greece and all those other European socialists nations.

    Yeah, Obama sounds like a real smarter person than the average American citizen.

  2. Taylor Says:

    Obama is certainly smarter than someone who thinks the phrase “a real smarter person than the average American system” is worded correctly!

    I think Sarah Palin is an exploiter. She doesn’t give a hoot about the American people- but she knows that they will make her rich and famous so she stands up at their rallies and incites them into a misguided rage. Fox “News” is the perfect home for her. All they are doing is fleecing a lot of uneducated, ignorant people into thinking that they are doing something that counts instead of actually learning about what is going on. Making people angry is easy- teaching people is hard.

  3. Suldog Says:

    As you might figure, Rhea, I’m more amenable to the blandishments of the Tea Party people than you, being a Libertarian and all. However, I think it’s a huge mistake for Sarah Palin to be the face of the movement, if indeed she is that now. While it is probably an unfair characterization, she is seen as a lipsticked buffoon by far too many for her to have the effect that, say, a Ron Paul might have (well-spoken, low-key, a sterling track record in Congress in regard to voting against tax increases, etc.)

  4. Emily Says:

    As all the Democrats I know (liberal or not) are appalled by the Tea Partyers I think Alice is mistaken in that viewpoint. It seems like anytime a Democrat is in office these days the right-wingers try and stir up the populace. During Clinton’s time it was the whole impeachment thing and conspiracy theorists about his behavior as governor in Arkansas. Since Obama is otherwise squeaky clean they come up with this.

  5. Whit Says:

    I think your reading of this anger is totally correct. When has there not been working class anger directed at the liberal bourgeoisie in any western society since industrialization? Seriously, I’m asking.


  6. Mike Says:

    Watch it Suldog, ol’ Ronny is a great until you look at how he operates. He stirs up the nutjobs for donations and stuff all kinds of pork into bills to get the votes. The hot lights of the media tend to melt his facade.

  7. Tom E. Says:

    Sarah Palin is a demagogue, plain and simple. Over the past few years she has built her career by exploiting the prejudices and anxieties of the rural white middle class and working poor. The woman has somehow managed to pass herself off as a “regular” person while simultaneously raking in over $12 million in the past year and a half. She’s a prissy, tempermental diva whose Wal-Mart public persona is belied by her Saks Fifth Avenue habits. She specifies in her speaking engagement contracts that no aircraft smaller than a Lear 60 jet will do. The most revolting thing about her is the disingenuousness of her faux populism. The Republican Party, while distancing itself from her, tacitly approves because, after all, look how successful she and her organizers have been at polarizing independents, inciting reactionary sentiment against the “liberal elite”…She’s only doing the GOP’s dirty work for them, and they’ll drop her like a hot potato as soon as she’s outlived her usefulness.

  8. Rhea Says:

    Hi, Whit! Nice to see you over here.

  9. alice Says:

    @Taylor. I like to make up words. Just like you do.

  10. Hattie Says:

    I think Alice is our old friend Boomie. She comes over to my blog sometimes.

  11. Rhea Says:


  12. Linda - SE PA Says:

    Mmm… this has been an interesting read!

    Here is my thought
    We don’t hear too much about your Governor in our area but what we do is good news! True, problems exist for a good portion of the Governor’s in trying to balance budgets and finding ways to do so.

    So, here is what I planned to say before reading – I do hope that when Governor Patrick finishes his term(s) that he runs for the Senate, House or VP or Pres. He seems to have many of the right ingredients!

  13. Eli Says:

    It is absolutely amazing how people come to the defense of Sarah Palin. She is not qualified to be President. Period.

    Maybe there were one or two others in our history that slid through but she won’t. It really doesn’t matter if you are from one party or another, the majority of Americans know that Sarah is playing a sophisticated game and the Republicans are riding along for the short term gains. In case you forgot, they tried the Sarah card and it failed.

    Sarah is probably high-fiving her husband at night and counting all the money they are banking on this sudden wave of hostility.

    Where was all this organizing and tea partying when Enron was destroying the lives of average Americans along with countless other companies? Where were these do-gooders when George Bush practically destroyed the economy and country with his lack of sound decisions?

    No tea partyers are turning in their government checks in this century so they are mostly full of crap. “Sarah Palin is a motivator.” That’s brilliant and exactly what we need in today’s world…someone who doesn’t know diddly but can cheer. Get her some pom poms.

  14. Rhea Says:

    Well said, Eli.

  15. Shouting Thomas Says:

    So, Rhea, if that is your name:

    Note that the most vicious comment hurled at Palin is that she’s a cheerleader.

    This is a stupid, clumsy lie. She’s not a passive bystander, cheering on the men. She was a star athlete.

    Says a lot about your viciousness that you let this lie stand.

    The passive bystander in life, Rhea, is you. You’re lost in a dream world. I guarantee that you’ve never been athletic.

    You are the one leading a passive, bystander existence, Rhea.

    You are an utterly vicious, low life, Rhea. You are the one who’s trailer park trash, not Palin. Palin is a doer. You are the onlooker.

    Your jealous hatred of this woman is not hard to understand. She’s got everything you want, but are incapable of achieving.

    You are a weakling, Rhea. That’s why you are terrified and jealous of this woman. If you had a little religious training, you’d recognize this as a “sin.” This weakness of yours should not be a source of pride.

  16. shayne Says:

    no, it sure does not cut it for me…she rubs me the wrong way for many reasons. she is not a leader

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