Things That are Older Than You: A Baby Boomer Pictorial

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So maybe you’re middle-aged, staring down the barrel of old age. Don’t panic. I am here to help you keep it all in perspective.

Today I went around my neighborhood of Jamaica Plain (Boston) and took some photos to illustrate my point.

(First, let me be clear: I have, myself, not yet attained the age of 50, but since it’s a nice, round number, let’s use that.)

This radio (1948) is older than you, by 9 years.


This house (1760) is older than you, by 197 years.

This bar (1935) is older than you, by 22 years.


This Royal Doulton china is older than you, by about 27 years.

This company is older than you, by 23 years.


That antique photo is way older than you.

My friend Jeff Ferris is older than you, by 1 year.


Thanks to Herb’s TV, the Loring-Greenough House, Cobwebs antiques, Honeyspot and Ferris Wheels Bike Shop, all of Jamaica Plain, for their help. Happy New Year!

34 Responses to “Things That are Older Than You: A Baby Boomer Pictorial”

  1. Little Blue Petal Says:

    Whew! This is good to know, LOL!

  2. thephoenixnyc Says:

    What a fascinating post. I have never seen one done like this before. Very creative. BTW that old photo is a dageurrotype and are quite collectibe in today’s market.

  3. Bice Says:

    But it’s a short list and growing shorter each year.

  4. Rhea Says:

    Little Blue: Edifying, isn’t it?

    Hey, thePhoenix, Glad you liked this. That photo is pretty darned old and I thought it was a dag– you know, that kind of photo, but wasn’t 100 percent positive. The store that was selling it (Honeyspot) had it priced at $80.

    Bice: Maybe we can catch up somehow?

  5. tshsmom Says:

    Those all worked for me…except for Jeff…he’s MY age. What a nice looking YOUNG man! You can’t beat the Class of ‘74!! ;)

  6. Rhea Says:

    Tshsmom: You are only as old as you feel. Or you are only as young as you want to be. I don’t know what the saying is, but yes, you and Jeff are nice and young.

  7. Janet Says:

    hahah thank you I feel better now :-)

  8. Seamus Says:

    …and I’m older than Jeff Ferris by ……………………………… ;) Heh, heh! Wanna meet at the local crags and do some rock climbing?? You are only as old as you want to be! :D

  9. Mr. Fabulous Says:

    Whatever. I am still getting the convertible and the trophy wife.

  10. Mushy Says:

    Way to depress Mushy…only the 3 things were older than me!

  11. Deborah Says:

    Thanks for these. My daughter (21) was telling me about a co-worker and something in the story prompted me to ask the age of this person. My daughter in all her 21 yo perkiness, said “she’s old–she looks like she might be at least 35′ —ahem, I’m 46, if 35 is old, then what….
    oh never mind.
    Thanks for these.

  12. Amy J. Says:

    LOL@Deborah…… I’m 36. Tell your daughter that when she turns 35, 46 won’t seem old at all :-)

  13. SassyFemme Says:

    Oh what a great idea!!!

  14. LisaBinDaCity Says:

    Nice perspective – me likey!

    Happy New Year :-)

  15. LorriM Says:

    What a wonderful post, the nostalgic photos, the prose, all well composed, and a fantastic and creative idea. :)

  16. Biker Betty Says:

    I like the comparisons, too. I will have to keep in mind these things. Coming up on 47, with 50 tripping not far behind, I’m going thru those adventurous moods. Learning to rock climb at 40 & taking up motorcycling at 45, to name a few. When I feel old, I just remember those in their 60’s and older thinking of me as a young pup and I don’t feel so old, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy New Year :)

  17. Seven Says:

    This is all good news. Of course much bad news can be gathered as well, but I like your variety better..:)

  18. Slick Says:

    I feel as if you’ve posted this for my sake ;) Thanks for keeping it in perspective! Ha!

    Have a good one Rhea

  19. kenju Says:

    Rhea, thanks for the visit and comment! I like this post of yours, but the older I get, the fewer things there are around that are older (except in Europe)!

  20. Kristin Says:

    Is this post just for me? Or, I suppose, me and Slick?

    Oldy – schmoldy… bring on the botox and a cocktail in that old bar!

  21. jan Says:

    What a great idea for a post and very timely.

    Have a great 2007 celebration and year.

  22. cliff Says:

    Rhea, thanks for the visit and I’m glad to know you’re from Jamaica Plain. I used to sing the MTA by the Kingston Trio when I was a kid and that town was in it. I was born in 1950. A LONG time ago.

  23. Mom Says:

    Having just turned 40 last week, I particularly appreciate this little perspective-focusing exercise.

    Next time, don’t forget to include some T-Rex bones!

  24. Rhea Says:

    Hey, everyone, don’t worry if you are not 50 yet. You can adjust the math on the items and be depressed, just the same.

    Kristin: If you like Red Stripe beer, you’ll love that bar.

    Mom: I am so glad this was timely for you! The T-Rex bones weren’t accessible on the day I was taking the pics. Next time.

  25. Stephen Newton Says:

    Rhea, I made it, I’m here. I just wrote an article on generational diversity in the workplace so your list of things older was fun to review. And to think there are 80 million Y generation nexters out there ready to take over….

  26. Dr. Chako Says:

    Thanks for the visit and comment. It’s good to know I have others joining me on this trip into my midlife crisis. Technically, I’m a “Tweener” – I’ll be 40 in a few months, so I’m not really a Boomer and I’m not a Gen X’er. No one markets to me, so I’m creating my own market – starting with Ferrari.

    No one said a Midlife crisis had to be dull…

  27. Coll Says:

    I may be an oldie but I still consider myself to be a goodie. :-)

    Wishing you the happiest of New Years.

  28. Elissa Says:

    Love the photos! Most of the folks I meet down here are retirees, and they show more vitality (even when they’re in and out of the hospital) than many of the young’uns I knew up north — and, at 48, I’m one of the young’uns. There’s much to be said for relativity! Have a wonderful New Year.

  29. jacqui Says:

    Well, your post made me feel a little better knowing that there are still some things out there that are older than me.

  30. Suldog Says:

    So, Rhea, it appears we were born in the same year. Obviously, a good vintage!

  31. Rhea Says:

    Suldog, I am 1958, making me 48 right now. But I used ‘50′ in this post to make the math easier.

  32. Suldog Says:

    Well, I’m 49, 1957. Close enough for government work.

  33. Ted Says:

    Our cemetery is 114 years older than you are. I enjoyed your blog. I’ll be back. Thanks for the comment on mine.

  34. Retro Says:

    I love anything vintage, especially old toys and cars.

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