Go to the Gym, Improve Your Memory

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There’s hope for us after all. Workouts can build more brain cells, according to U.S. News & World Report.

“The key is that growth comes in one region of the brain, part of the hippocampus, that’s crucial for memory storage,” says Scott Small, a neurologist at Columbia University who led a recent study, conducted with Columbia colleagues and scientists at the Salk Institute in California. Small showed that a three-month program of vigorous aerobic exercise seemed to produce new neurons in this area, as well as improvements on tests of mental recall.

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6 Responses to “Go to the Gym, Improve Your Memory”

  1. Les Says:

    I will be reading your previous post about learning a language as soon as my school-teacher stops looking over my shoulder… but I must say that I had trouble learning a new language when my brain was NEW! At this rate, when I can speak Italian (or Spanish, or French – I’m CANADIAN fer Gosh sakes; why can’t I speak FRENCH?!), it’ll be just in time to hear my eulogy…

  2. Anvilcloud Says:

    I keep forgetting to follow the links.

  3. jan Says:

    I’ve always thought that workouts helped us mentally as well as physically. Thanks for providing the reason.

  4. Engaging the Disquiet » Blog Archive » Resource roundup for March Says:

    [...] To build on this, recent studies confirm that working out is critical for brain health. Boomer Chronicles has some excellent articles around brain health. [...]

  5. Rhea Says:

    I am going back to the gym as soon as I can.

  6. Alvaro Says:

    Very interesting. Physical exercise is very good-and mental exercise too.

    We did an interview with a neuroscientist that explains this trend very well, with quotes such as

    “Rigorous and targeted cognitive training has been used in clinical practice for many years. It can help improve memory, attention, confidence and competence, reasoning skills, even how to reduce anxiety and deal with uncomfortable situations.” and “The brain evolves as we age. Some areas, such as pattern recognition, get better with age. Some require extra-workouts in order to reduce “chinks in the armor” and increase neuroprotection through the Cognitive (or Brain) Reserve). Hence, the need for targeted cognitive training.”

    Check the full interview here


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