Another Bigfoot Sighting: This One in Colorado

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A man and his three children encountered a bigfoot while walking in the woods near Crater Lake in Colorado when…

In about late June 2008 I was hiking the Crater Lake trail outside of Durango Colorado with 3 of my children. They had run a little ways ahead of me and I was just admiring the view when off in the tree line about halfway up the trail I noticed a large hairy figure approx. 7 to 9 feet tall walking just behind the tree line at about 50 to 100 yards. It was walking upright and took long strides. I only saw it for a minute maybe and didn’t say anything to the kids so as not to alarm them. I never really told too many people about this but after watching a bigfoot special on TV about a year later I realized I wasn’t the only one to ever see something like that in this area.

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