Have You Ever Experienced This Stupid Credit Card Thing?

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So I was reserving a room for my niece’s bas mitzvah in Philadelphia. The event takes place in early June, but since I had the information for the hotel I thought I would book now. So I call and book my room but after I recite all of my information to the clerk she hears that the expiration date on my credit card is in May, the month before I need the room. She says, do you have another card? I say no, I have just one card. I have always been proud of the fact that I don’t have a wallet full of credit cards and use just one. In fact, I thought this was something that should be prized and encouraged in our outrageously debt-riddled society. But no. I get shunned because I have just one card. The credit card company will not issue a new card for another two weeks. I’ll have to call the hotel back with a new card.

I realize that this is a tiny, unimportant thing in the world, but it irritated me. And I’m sticking to my one-credit-card policy.

7 Responses to “Have You Ever Experienced This Stupid Credit Card Thing?”

  1. Googie Baba Says:

    It’s very annoying. You shouldn’t need a credit card to pay for anything let alone more than one.

  2. Brian Says:

    Well, you got shunned because the card expires before the date the charge will be applied. Even though it’s not the likely scenario, it is *possible* that your card might not be renewed, so they don’t want to be in the position of trying to process a charge on an expired card. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. I am with you about limiting the number of credit cards one has, but you’re not really being shunned for only having the one card.

    I remember what a PITA it was when hotels and car rental places and the like wouldn’t take debit cards (more than a few still don’t). That was even worse, if you ask me.

  3. Emily Says:

    We only have 2 credit cards – which is also not the norm. We used to have a couple dept. store cards, but after one of them almost caused us not to get our house we’ve never had anything else since. How stupid about the expired card..

  4. Rhea Says:

    Thanks for chiming in, everyone!

  5. Sightings Says:

    Well, as Roseanne Roseannadanna said, “It’s always something!”

  6. sandy ibeati Says:

    It happens to me for some reason now they always press for 2 cards..I personally do not want the payments and stick to my guns

  7. Penny Says:

    My husband and I just had our back up card close by the band because we hadn’t used it. We do each have one card so we do have two different expiration dates. Good to know we may need them.

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