The Boomer Chronicles Says Goodbye

I've Moved! The Boomer Chronicles has closed after 6 years, but you can keep up with me on my new blog at

Six years ago on April 10, I decided to start a blog. After trying out several names, I settled on The Boomer Chronicles. I blogged faithfully every weekday for six years. At its height, Boomer Chronicles posts attracted comments from 20 to 30 or more readers. That’s a lot! I was proud of the subjects I covered and the light I shed on a variety of important topics: the Amish, belly fat, baldness, and IRAs. And although I continue to be a baby boomer, I have decided — after much hand-wringing and deliberation — that I am ready to hang up the ‘boomer’ niche and do what I was doing anyway: blog about anything and everything. So, I’m going to close The Boomer Chronicles tomorrow, on the blog’s 6th anniversary.

You, my faithful readers, have suffered through posts about adult diapers, my dog, angst over how to fund retirement, and so much more. I want to thank all of my wonderful readers and friends, including Rob Phelps, August Sanders, and Christopher Hennessy. I also want to thank my Blog Guru, Stephen Labuda of Agency 3, who ably advised me from Day One.

Blogging is a funny thing. You meet other bloggers either virtually or in real life, and you form attachments to them just as you would friends. I want to mention Adam Gaffin, Suldog, Neil Kramer of Citizen of the Month, Hattie’s Web, Millie at My Mom’s Blog, Boston Zest, and so many, many more.

The Boomer Chronicles archives will remain online indefinitely. Just think, you can introduce your grandchildren, and maybe even your great-grandchildren to the once-great Boomer Chronicles.

I will post once more, tomorrow. But don’t despair. I will be launching a new blog soon. It will have no boomer theme. It will just be stuff. The site will be ready soon, and you will be able to find it at

12 Responses to “The Boomer Chronicles Says Goodbye”

  1. Janet Says:

    Glad to hear you’re not leaving altogether!

  2. Emily Says:

    So long to this blog and best of luck launching your new one. And Happy Passover!

  3. Rhea Says:

    Yes, I could not bear to leave forever, Janet!
    Emily, Happy Passover to you, too!

  4. GoingLikeSixty Says:

    Jeez oh weez.

    Second blogger this week to announce suspension or interruption of a blog that has been around FOREVER. Boomer Chronicles was a good read. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

    Good Luck on Blog Two.

  5. Rhea Says:

    Hey, Going! Great to hear from you! You are one of the stars in the Boomer Universe.

  6. Penny Says:

    You know you inspired others and I’m certain your new venture will find a new flock of readers along with some of us who will follow along. Make sure you put a working link here so we can click over and subcribe!

  7. Cath Her in the Wry Says:

    Looking forward to reading the “stuff” at the new blog. I think I only missed the first year of Boomer Chronicles, but I’ve read most all your posts since. I’m terrible at not leaving many comments.

  8. Rhea Says:

    Will do, Penny.
    Great to hear from you, Catch Her! So nice to know you were there all along.

  9. Nancy Mehegan Says:

    Rhea, I’ve enjoyed your dry wit and blog so much. Best of Luck.

  10. Pete Dulin Says:

    Congrats on a great run! I wish you much success on the new blog!

  11. Grace Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your very eclectic blog. I’m particularly glad you are leaving it up. I’m going to remove you from my blogroll, but I’ll be one of the readers of your new blog.

  12. Rhea Says:

    Thank you, Grace and Nancy! I do appreciate your kind words. Pete, catch you later!

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