What Do Dandelions, Camping, and Juicing Have to Do with Each Other?

I've Moved! The Boomer Chronicles has closed after 6 years, but you can keep up with me on my new blog at http://www.rheabecker.com

dandelionsSix years ago I created a blog for baby boomers called The Boomer Chronicles. I had a blast doing it. But I recently closed the blog because I felt I wanted to expand beyond the boomer niche. But once in a while something comes along that gets my attention. An online chat board called Senior Forums invites people of a certain age to post their questions/concerns to a board so they can crowdsource with folks of their own generation. I really like it. I found the following topics (of personal interest to me) among the many threads:

  • Buying a house at an advanced age
  • Living in foreign countries
  • Juicers
  • I like camping but don’t want to do tent camping anymore
  • Dandelions — weed or superfood?

Full disclosure: I accepted a paid incentive to write about Senior Forums. But, seriously, I like Senior Forums.

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