Welcome to BloggingBoomers Carnival #20

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I’m glad to host the BloggingBoomers Carnival this week because 20 is a nice, round number. But that’s not the only reason. Look at all the fun and info we have for you:

Does money buy happiness? Not according to the guy who won $315 million and regrets the day he did. Read the story at LifeTwo.

With everybody getting cosmetic surgery these days, yet no one admitting it, it’s refreshing to hear someone come clean about it. Over at Café Glam this is week Deborah and JoJami tell us about a superstar who’s come out in the open about her facelift — much to many women’s relief.

Wendy at Gen Plus asks the burning question, “What do 50-plussers and Gen Y-ers NOT have in common?” The answer: You Tube. Read on.

Peruse photos of several very appetizing 300- to 400-calorie meals, and check out the portion size. It’s better than you’d expect. Thanks to Your Drum.

A key difference between our kids’ first cars and ours is basic and fundamental: We likely had an AM radio with a single front dash speaker. Go back in time as I Remember JFK explores early music systems in cars.

Did you know that a lot of musically inclined 40+ guys have started ‘midlife crisis bands’, rediscovering a passion they had in youth? Check out this phenomenon at Man-O-Pause.

At every stage of life, a man is at far higher risk for getting sick and dying than a woman is. Read more about it at So Baby Boomer.

At Contemporary Retirement, Ann challenges you to come up with a list of things that you still want to be, do and have in life and offers tips for prioritizing your list and working your way through it.

The Boomer Chronicles (that’s me!) has calculated: “If you’re a baby boomer, you’ve been flossing your teeth for at least 35 years.” Find out why you and I never have to floss again.

And now, our Guest Bloggers:

Here’s a hilarious look at what it’s like to work with women in varying stages of personal temperature variation: in other words, menopause! Thanks to Emergiblog, the ever-entertaining blog of an emergency room nurse.

At Lifecrafting, Andrew says no diet should include meat. Find out why.

Your brain is aging. There are people dedicating their lives to helping brains to age in a healthy way. Learn about the Mind & Life Institute at Sharp Brains.

Find 10 tips for better relationships at Addiction Recovery Basics, including No. 8: Be a fire hydrant, not a flamethrower. To find out what this means, you’re going to have click here.

11 Responses to “Welcome to BloggingBoomers Carnival #20”

  1. Beverly Mahone Says:

    And if you want to know which states house the wealthiest African-American baby boomers visit my blog at: http://www.boomerworld.blogspot.com

    One thing…the “wealth” factor is totally misleading. Out of 36 million African-Americans in the US, less than 500,000 earn at least $75,000.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Beverly Mahone
    Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age

  2. Anvilcloud Says:

    While I have no inclination to play in a cool band, this 60-year-old has started to fiddle a bit and has jammed with a guy who plays a guitar. Actually, I must be pretty hip … ’cause I have a Pod, Dude.

  3. Robin Says:

    Man-O-Pause, I love it.

  4. Kim Says:

    What a GREAT group of blogs (and posts!). I’m so glad I discovered this carnival and thank you so much for including me this week!

  5. Rhea Says:

    Bev: Thanks for writing in. The things you read on boomers always talk about the affluent ones and neglect working class or minority folks. It’s the sad way of our world.
    Anvil: You are definitely cooler than me.
    Robin: It’s funny, isn’t it. Until someone gets hurt.

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  7. Alvaro Says:

    Thanks, nice carnival! we just linked back.

  8. Rhea Says:

    Kim and Alvaro: Glad you like it!

  9. Linda Says:

    I am convinced that those plates in the 300-400 calorie meals are of the dessert variety so that the food looks bigger and more plentiful!

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  11. Somera Says:

    I own a Jack LaLanne and am very happy with it. Sorry I can’t do a comparison.

    Go to the shop or on-line & have a look at the stats on both juicers.

    A number of things prompted me to go together with Jack’s 1) his endorsement 2) I didn’t have to pre-chop each Veggie to run it by means of the juicer. it has a big opening to feed the fruits & veggies in to the machine three) It made an honest amount of juice earlier than it required cleaning.

    I hope this was some help.

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